Percy Jackson, Prince of the Universe *Discontinued*

Percy Jackson, Prince of the Universe *Discontinued*

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Full name By cynthiaforev Updated Jan 10, 2016


That was all Cosmos felt.


That was Percy Jackson, slowly fading away.


He ran away, swearing to never come back.


Will Cosmos-also known as Percy Jackson-get his life back? From all who he loved and cared for?

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-vkara -vkara May 11, 2017
Shut up Annabeth...Your not even worth being a couple with Percy if you're fricking scared of spiders -.-
-vkara -vkara May 11, 2017
Finally there's someone who at least CARES about Percy! I mean, I do ship Percybeth! But this sudden breakup makes me angry
Softband Softband Mar 22, 2017
DaughterofRome DaughterofRome Mar 23, 2017
it is like a way in which the guy is talking as if he loves him *wipes a tear of laughter
Jason_Rein Jason_Rein Dec 30, 2016
AU where Percy is besties with Sam and Dean Winchester and he's the reason they keep coming back to life.
thenarnianhufflepuff thenarnianhufflepuff Feb 10, 2017
Baby I'm your right
                              Don't put up a fight
                              I can be your right
                              Starting here tonight
                              Let me be your 
                              Riiiiiiight haaaaaaaand maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
                              Let me be your right hand man