A Fangirls Love, New Co-worker  (Vincent x reader)

A Fangirls Love, New Co-worker (Vincent x reader)

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This is a Vincent x reader story, and you work there first before Vincent comes. So I don't want to confuse to guys. And my cover won't come up so y'all have to deal with that photo. 

I woke up to my alarm going beep beep beep. 5:40 I got up and got dressed. I wore a light blue long sleeve shirt with a dark blue skirt that came up to my knees. I walked to the bathroom and put some make up one. Which some means foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. "Okay (y/n) let's get down there and get going." I thought. My stomach starts to grumble and I look at my belly. 

I walk downstairs and make two pieces of toast with extra butter on them. "(y/n) are you up yet?" (s/n) yells from her bedroom. "Yeah I'm up and going to work." I yell back at her. 'man she needs to stop yelling Kansas could probably hear her' I thought. 

I walk up to the pizzeria and open the doors. Jeremy and Mike are walking out of the office. I run up and hug them both "hey guys."
"Hey (Y/n)" they b...

IceheartTheMonster IceheartTheMonster Jul 04, 2016
I'm currently listening to wild by Troye Sivan and I'm just like "WOOO WILD!" and I'm also like "WOOOO VINCENT!"
Yui komori yells from her bedroom haha my sis is Yui she came back from the sakamaki Mantion for a vacation hehe I should go read something else hahaha
MaurinnaMarionette MaurinnaMarionette Dec 15, 2016
I'm going to pretend that this is in southern Korea so JEES she needs to toan it down a LOT. I think jacksepticeye turned into a girl and isnt Irish anymore.
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Nov 09, 2016
Wait yelling?Jk I don't have siblings..  If you count my bestow who is like a sis to me then....Yelling?That's vassi
- - Aug 18, 2016
Whelp I was wondering which sister... But the yelling means its Alyssa.
MooseFlavoredPringle MooseFlavoredPringle Dec 09, 2016
Thats not my sister then, cuz when my sister yells....china can here her.