Bite Me ➳ Frerard

Bite Me ➳ Frerard

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He knew it was wrong. So wrong. Frank shouldn't have feelings for another guy when he was in a relationship he was happy in. Well, used to be happy in. 

But then someone else caught his attention. One that was cute enough to make Frank fangirl - but it wasn't fair to Pete. The one who had been head over heels for Frank since the 8th grade. So what was he supposed to do? 

Break up with Pete and do a little match-making? No...Frank sucked at that. 

What then? Move to another country and change his name? That could work...


That new kid, he was so mysterious, dark and hot. Frank wanted to know more about the guy wouldn't even tell the shook his last name. But how was he supposed to do that when the kid wouldn't even look up from his notebook? 


Crap description but I'm getting better at stories but I still can't be bothered to check spelling; I'll try but won't promise anything

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Frank a 12 year old should know better. How mentally slow were you?
Oh no no,
                              Ever since I was a child. Whenever some random person talked to me, I would start crying LOudLY
                              PETE STEP UP YOUR EYELINER GAME
                              i don't know anymore
                              I RIPPED MY JEANSSSSS
                              PUT A HOLEEE IN THE KNEEE
My friend looks like Gerard, a Gerard version with light blue eyes.
                              Anywho, he sometimes looks frustrated, and whenever he wears eyeliner, I'm just like
                              "hERE COMES THAT ANGEHRY BOI WATCH OUT!"
I keep thinking of Shane Dawson's video on mcr and he thought Gee's name was Gerald the whole time