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The Return {Harry Potter}

The Return {Harry Potter}

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PercabethHinny By PercabethHinny Updated Apr 27

A wise man once said there was no spell to raise the dead. But what about a potion? What if people on both sides set off volatile potions at the same time? What happens is that a group of people return from the other side. Twelve years after The Battle of Hogwarts, Harry's children get ahold of a potion in progress, and bring back the relatives they never met.

This is a remake of my story, "Loved Ones Return". (Blanket Disclaimer- I don't own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does.)

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strawberry_bubbles_x strawberry_bubbles_x Apr 28, 2017
Smart, sassy (good at come backs) amazing at pranks and at playing "innocent", speaks her mind, Ravenclaw Seeker and giggles a lot at EVERYTHING
heyitssophiaangela heyitssophiaangela Mar 15, 2017
Smart as hell, sporty, active in class, Seeker, great at Potions and Charms, weirder than most of her friends.
ThatRandomHufflepuff ThatRandomHufflepuff Jun 20, 2017
Long [till theights] wavy brown hair, turquoise-green eyes with gold details in it, slightly tanned skin, beater on Gryffindor team(if possible),
echopencil- echopencil- Sep 30, 2017
Loves Quidditch, hopes to play Chaser, loves schoolwork, shy and quiet around strangers but boisterous and loud around her friends. Loyal to a fault, good at dueling and loves yelling.
strawberry_bubbles_x strawberry_bubbles_x Apr 28, 2017
Medium height, long strawberry blonde hair, geeky, turquoise glasses, blue eyes, giggeles a lot, and is a Seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
heyitssophiaangela heyitssophiaangela Mar 15, 2017
She has brown, wavy hair, purple glasses, hazel eyes, kinda tall