~Hello Internet~ (A Danisnotonfire x Reader Fanfic)

~Hello Internet~ (A Danisnotonfire x Reader Fanfic)

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UND3RT4K3R By UND3RT4K3R Updated Jan 01, 2016

You walked down your street to your flat. As far as anyone from the outside could know, you were a pretty normal person. But, when you got through your flat door, pfft, normality flies out the window! 

You sprinted up the stairs and to your flat door, and skidded on the carpet to stop yourself. Well, that was a bad idea, because the carpet slid on the floor, sending you - THUD - on your back. You thought you broke your arm, but you always thought you broke something when you did something. You were very energetic, and very optimistic. 

You liked waking up early in the morning, about 6:00 - 7:00 is your liking. You combed your (h/l), (h/c) hair, put it up in a simple ponytail and ate your favourite breakfast food. You didn't care much for clothing and make up. 

Your family didn't know about your secret life on the internet. You were a famous youtuber with 2 million subscribers. 

You walked into your flat and smiled. You ran into your room, and set up your camera to record a blog. 


Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Aug 03, 2016
Yep.I would stare at the ceiling FOR HOURS before I fall asleep.
QueenHalcyone QueenHalcyone Dec 04, 2016
I'm weird outside, too. I'm just weird everywhere. On the walk home from school everyday you can just hear me yelling fob/ tøp/p!atd/ etc lyrics as I sing at the top of my lungs.
cerezhowls_ cerezhowls_ Oct 13, 2016
Lmao I like how everyone says 'im dan' while I'm just here wanting to say I'm Phil.
AutumnMahoney AutumnMahoney Nov 11, 2016
Okay I need music to sleep so ima just..  *puts on screamo and heavy metal*  ahhh that's better ☺
HappyUnicornChild HappyUnicornChild Sep 25, 2016
I would've been like "OMG U GUYS R LIEK MY OTP!11!1!1!!!!1!1!1 I TOTES SHIP IT SOOOOO HARD LIEK OMG!11!1!22!!2!1!1!1!1!1"
ok so half is me other is not, i DO NOT wake up early! I stay asleep until 11:00-1:00 if possible and my hair is too short for a ponytail, but i do not care for clothing and makeup