What Daddy Wants, Daddy Gets! (DDLG)/JM

What Daddy Wants, Daddy Gets! (DDLG)/JM

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Allie By original_allie Updated Jan 03, 2017

Jason is tired of all these fake baby girl's that somehow end up on his doorstep. It doesn't matter what he does or who he meets, she just is not what he's looking for! He wants a girl to care for, to love, to hold in his arms. A girl that acts like a little! That loves her stuffies, gets booboos and wants him to kiss them to make them all better, he wants her to wear the adorable little outfits and have her hair in pig tails! 

When his last baby girl storms out of his house like a mad woman, he loses hope and just gives up on finding the perfect little girl. 
Delylah is a lonely little who is searching for the perfect Daddy. One that will cuddle with her, read her bedtime stories, and love her with all his heart! But she also needs a Daddy that will care for her and put her in her place when she acts up, a Daddy that will love and nurture yet is strong and supportive.

She needs a Daddy that will provide for her...

She needs a Daddy that will guide her...

She needs a Daddy that is willing to go that extra mile...

What she needs is, Jason. 

Soon these two sad young adults meet each other through one of Jason's trusted brothers in his club. Jason likes what he sees immediately and Delylah is star struck by his aggressiveness and how he is dripping with pure power. She falls for him almost instantaneously and she becomes his weakness. Find out what happens to Jason and Delylah in this kinky yet lovable and adorable story!

*This story is sort of based off of the show Sons of Anarchy. The show gave me the main idea since Jason seems to always be in a gang I thought it would be cool if this time it was a motorcycle gang. Also this is a DDLG book, it contains highly sexual scenes so you are being warned.*
*Drugs, alcohol, foul language, and smoking are another warning*

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I think this is the most comprehensive description I've read.
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Renos so close to hell ya can see Sparks! Yea, can ya tell I'm from Reno. Lil.