JereMike: Puppet

JereMike: Puppet

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RandomFanGirl098 By RandomFanGirl098 Updated Aug 16, 2016

As a person who has different childhood than others, Jeremy, a young boy, learned what fake and force love is. Days turns to months, months turn to years. Years after years, his trust to others was long gone. His childhood happiness turned to anxiety and depression, something he wish he won't have.  

Everything was just normal, until his horrible past repeated: abuse. He decided to look for a job, to earn money and have a small rent house to live with, just away from the nightmares. During work, he met with a man that would either make his life better or worse. 

He thought he can trust him. He thought he'll learn love from him. He thought he was the right person. It was all a lie. 

((As you can see, it is a JereMike story so meh. Picture's from the rightful owner. Enjoy, I guess (?) :p ))

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Kawaiii_Cat Kawaiii_Cat Aug 23, 2017
I would cry but it would get my parents attention 
                              I'm still crying on the inside 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦
Fnaduppet Fnaduppet Sep 05, 2016
Hu Doll bust In yelles no grabs doll thoss out window grabs jeremy and mike(were ever he is) pushis them to geter so they kiss yells #jermike and runs away
scribblepoff scribblepoff Mar 15, 2016
ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh y it has so much feelz imma cried!!!!!! Wwwwwaaaahaahhahahahahahajajajawhaaaaaaassaaa
Button_Eye Button_Eye Feb 24, 2017
Miss Doll can you come her pls *stabs doll* there we go now she cant hurt Jerebear
MrKingdomHearts MrKingdomHearts Nov 28, 2016
Ew who wears Nikes these days 
                              Who ever does I'm judging you 
iiKing_Meepsii iiKing_Meepsii Oct 02, 2016
Right When I Read Doll's Name I Wanted To Kill Her So Badly
                              I Hate Her...