We Can Find A Way (Hiccup X Reader)

We Can Find A Way (Hiccup X Reader)

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Akire By crimson-lilies Updated Apr 25, 2016

(Y/n) (L/n) is just an ordinary girl. Kind, loving, and sweet as honey.

But the thing is....she is depressed.

Well you might be wondering what would she be sad about, especially if she has a loving family: a humorous mother, a kind father, and a funny sister, whom she tells everything to, including her ups and her downs.

But she didn't tell them everything. 

There are things that she kept to herself, like the fact that her life was miserable at school, being bullied, having low grades, having only one friend...

Everything in her life is going to change when she meets someone that she could trust. Someone that could be another friend.

Together, we peek into her life, and see what's going to happen...

HAI! This is my first Hiccup X Reader and my first story (yay!) and I hope you like it! This will be a Modern AU, so... yeah. This is my best shot, and I know it won't be as good as other fics ;-;



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