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Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived (Book 5)

Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived (Book 5)

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Potato Sack By xxLumosMagicxx Updated 7 days ago

Cedric is dead, Voldemort is back, and nothing will ever be the same. Entering their fifth year, the golden quartet will face many new challenges: a new teacher, warnings from Voldemort, drama, lost trust and relationships, and maybe even a death or two. Join Anna, Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they face these challenges. Will they succeed? Or will their friendship fall apart? 

Oh, and disclaimer, I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the original characters, J.K. Rowling does. I only own that characters, and plots that are not seen in the books/movies.
P.S. please, please, PLEASE read my other books before this one, okay? 
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my fanfics!

Naomi_Uley Naomi_Uley Sep 22, 2016
@Real_Remus_Lupin  what are you thinking your doing?! when you grow up you get married with a metamorphmagus... grow up and leave severus alone you got that ?!
Rainbowpotatobubbles Rainbowpotatobubbles Jan 01, 2016
Psh yeah, you know. I just DIED. Not the biggest bombshell ever, oh but it was only for a few minutes
Movie-Book-Gamer-Go Movie-Book-Gamer-Go Oct 28, 2015
Best paragraph ever!
                              "Um that's our family tree, you could die, let's go"
NerdLover18 NerdLover18 Jul 31, 2015
Why do I feel like that death part on Anna's tree power taking will be important
StarshineLOVEScandy StarshineLOVEScandy Apr 12, 2015
Yay, fifth book. I'm so excited.
                              The description said there might be a death or two, I wonder if Sirius is going to die. Probably. Every time he dies in a story I get teary eyed, Specially if he is really connected with the main character.
Booknerd369 Booknerd369 Apr 12, 2015
Well its not like we knew when u would get ungrounded. U could have been ungrounded for a while