L's Daughter

L's Daughter

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hanged rabbit By southparklover972 Updated Nov 16, 2015

She rushed through the apartment reeapting the address in her head. She carried a box and ran as fast as she could. She saw the address as she placed the box softly in front of the door. She knocked and ran before they found her. She ran away from them and into the open.

Watari walked to the door as L looked up at the noise. He brought in the box and set it on the table. Ryuzaki stood up and opened the box. Inside, was a small, pale child. Ryuzaki looked in confusion as Watari smiled. "Her mother...yes its a girl...well...I guess she didn't want her.." He said. "I dont know how to take care of a kid. Never done it."

Watari picked her up and and held her. She was sleeping as L looked at the note.

Dear L,

I need you to take care of my daughter. I'm a mother of 5 and can no longer keep her. I'm poor and have no money left. 

I decided to leave her with you, for I want her to grow up with a smart life. She wouldn't be able to go to school if she's left with me. Please take well care of...