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Prettiest Vampire

Prettiest Vampire

48.8K Reads 1.8K Votes 25 Part Story
Lori Ellis By LoriEllisxox Completed

Fates, Furies, Sirens, Harpies, call them what you will. Daciana and Ilinca were an ancient evil, and had been known by many names. They had always existed alone, shunning both humans and other demons, yet for the past three hundred years they had lived with the vampires. It was necessary, following the death of their beloved baby sister Anna. Their grief over Anna's death drove them to madness - life with the vampires was all that had brought them back from this dark insanity. And so for three centuries they had bowed to the vampires, called them Master and Mistress, but no longer. Tonight, everything would change.

Lilian Van Schattigdame was the company's top salesman in Eastern Europe. He was also their only salesman in Eastern Europe. Had there been others, his top salesman status would likely have been in doubt. He hadn't actually sold anything at this point. Oh, and he was also his boss's wife's cousin's nephew.

Count Dodrescu requires a maiden, to fulfill a ritual and serve as the vessel for his beloved Mirela's demon soul. Renfield needs to supply his Master with a maiden, to gain favour and achieve immortality. Daciana and Ilinca need to prevent Dodrescu from finding a maiden, so that he will not discover they are Mirela's murderers. So what happens when all that anyone finds is a guy named Lilian?

Prettiest Vampire alternates between horror and humour. It is possibly the scariest - and funniest! - vampire story you will read this year!

  • fates
  • furies
  • harpies
  • sirens
  • transform
  • transylvania
  • trilogy
  • vampires
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