Jensens Daughter (Jensen Ackles FF)

Jensens Daughter (Jensen Ackles FF)

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Sara is Jensen's daughter. 

She enjoys doing everything any normal teenagers would enjoy. Water parks, hanging out with friends, movies, Netflix, Youtube, video games, the whole nine yards.

She also has a great love of writing. When she gets the opportunity of a lifetime, her life changes drastically from that normal life. 

Her life changes slowly at first but then things at her quicker, causing her to grow up quicker than other kids. 

As she goes through life, she quickly learns what her interests are and goes for them, like her father taught. With her best friend, Mel, and her new friends she's made along the way, she learns how to live her life and knows exactly where she wants to be in the future.

**this is my story. so no one can steal it. all rights reserved.** 

Yeah, so, this is my story and i think its kind of...meh. But i hope you enjoy it anyways. Cliches are a given in my work beware ig

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MistyMoonKiller MistyMoonKiller Nov 09, 2017
Lol! I read cut the crap people. See you Monday 😂😂😂
LeaPotterOlympus LeaPotterOlympus Sep 02, 2016
Its funny how they are traveling around America in the show but really they are in Canada