The Bad Girl & The Bad Boy

The Bad Girl & The Bad Boy

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Amber Diamond is a bad girl.

Josh Ramirez is a bad boy. 

Both troublemakers yet they never even met. But what happens when they do? What happens when Josh takes a certain interest in Amber for the wrong reasons? 

Unfortunately for him, Amber isn't like all of his other conquests. She's not a conquest at all. 

And maybe they have more in common than just being incredible badasses. But everyone has a past and theirs are bad ones. So when their pasts comes back to haunt them, secrets will be exposed and emotions will be all over the place. 

After all, they're both bad and being bad has its downsides. But then again, it also has its upsides. 

[Cover made by @Mararenas]

[Trailer made by @GlitterandDust7000]

NOTE: In my opinion, this is very poorly written because this was my first story on Wattpad. My newer stories (such as The Blue Assassins, Slow Suicide, and Fixing Isabelle) are much more organized, creative, explanatory, and better all around. So, please excuse the errors and unprofessionalism. Thank you.

@xxnoaxirwinxx and @WolfieEmm , thank you so much! And I'm sorry you were reported. Wattpad is stupid🙄
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