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Kueen Vixlyez By vixlyez Updated Mar 19

"Mate, just get in the car" He grumbled as if he was annoyed at the fact that I was walking away. Did he not understand stranger danger? Unless he thought I was a prostitute. I was currently dressed in my bed time shorts, a tank top and a wool cardigan, well more like jacket.

I cleared my voice before speaking "Sir, I am not a prostitute so you can run along" He laughed in response. Was he okay? He must be smoking Leprechaun dust or something!

"I would hope not, I couldn't have a prostitute as a mate, I would have to reject you" He pouted as he stuck out his lips. He then reached over and grabbed a cigar then lit it, ew. After a couple moments he exhaled and the smoke flew into my face.

I huffed in annoyance as I turned to face him.


I'm going to have a BF a Bitch Fit .......dude your doing what your not to do.....Standing😰😰😰😰sweet baby Jesus help this girl 😂😂😂😂😂
Laniyaaa_ Laniyaaa_ Apr 27
Shes looks like a well tanned white girl sorry not sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️
toniluv16 toniluv16 Mar 22
Lol bruh .Out of all things. You just HAD to choose the mans car.....smooth girl....real smooth....smh lol
Ok ok cool cool whatever just um where the black girl at?  Because I'm v confused with this collage of a white girl ❓🤔🤷🏿‍♀️
Nigga turn yo ass around and run the opposite direction the car is driving and hop a damn fence