The Dragon Girl

The Dragon Girl

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AlphaWolf1217 By AlphaWolf1217 Updated Mar 05, 2017

"Wisteria Greenleaf at your service." I bowed at the halfling. He gulped, "I never knew an elf was to come to my home." "Neither did I." I whispered as I walked inside only to see a large group of dwarves sitting in the dining room. My teeth ground together as I saw the leader, Thorin Oakenshield.

Wisteria is an elf but of a rare breed. She is the daughter of the king of Mirkwood yes, but she is more powerful than even him. Her mother gave to her the rare and precious gift of skin-changing before she died. Most of the time she is an elf, but when she changes, she is a lion, a wolf, and even a blue fire-breathing dragon.

I don't own The Hobbit characters or the story plot itself. I only own Wisteria as a character.

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BiancaEvans2 BiancaEvans2 Dec 08, 2016
Love Kira and shouldn't Wisteria turn into a lioness and not a lion?
undertaker_lover01 undertaker_lover01 Jan 17, 2017
Yeah lioness also when shapeshifter transform they rip their clothing but i guess she has elven magic so
NyxSilverWolf15 NyxSilverWolf15 Jul 10, 2016
I just had a disturbing image of Thorin  singing 'i was born this way'.....
BiancaEvans2 BiancaEvans2 Dec 08, 2016
does she turn into a normal sized eagle or a big one like the ones that save the dwarves at the cliff fromAzog?