My Alpha Black

My Alpha Black

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Ivy Thorn doesn't know what to do when she finds out that she's mated to the scariest Alpha in America... Alpha Ron Black. The one man that every man, woman, and child should be afraid of. They say that he can take down five packs in a single day. His warriors are ruthless and will even kill for the amusement of their alpha. That is if he orders them to, which is rare in his pack surprisingly. Even some elders are afraid of him. Some believe speaking his name can curse you.

Ivy fears nobody, she's the best weapon in your arsenal. She was honorably discharged from the military after taking two bullets to the chest. She's the daughter of a Werewolf Alpha, her mother the Queen of the Vampiric Kingdom. And a curse, genetically given to Ivy at the age of seven causing her pain and suffering. Her older brother, Jason Thorn, took over the pack and Ivy became the Gamma for the pack. So when Ivy and Ron meet, will all hell break loose in their relationship?

First Installment of the "My" Series. 
Second Book: My Alpha Aiden.
Third Book: My Beta Alana
Fourth Book: My Alpha Faolan
Fifth Book: My Guardian Liam
Sixth Book: My Champion Nelia
Seventh Book: My Warrior Morrigan

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FandomPandom FandomPandom Jun 19, 2015
You have no idea how happy am I that you like it! I was literally jumping up and down screaming: YES! In my room I was so excited!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LITERALLY I MIGHT CRY. 
deadnoodlesoup deadnoodlesoup Jun 18, 2015