Filthy Frank x Reader

Filthy Frank x Reader

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Aledleledlele By Aledleledlele Updated Sep 07

You- a half- lycra half- human who has been living underground in a cavern for years, your only company being bat-squirrels and books.

Him- one of the filthiest people in the history of filth, the living embodiment of what a person should not be.

When your paths somehow meet. You escape the cavern and begin to find out things about the realm around you, getting little to no help from Francis of the Filth and all his fucked up friends. 

The real question is- can a human-Lycra fall in love with a 50 something cancer infested being like the man you start living with? No fucking chance.

(This story was the first in it's kind being a Filthy Frank/ joji x reader Fanfiction)

(Cover was done by BeccaTheHungryTitan)

- - Jul 27, 2015
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