Never trust An Assassin

Never trust An Assassin

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xVendettax By suscriber Updated Aug 14

Summer is one of the most powerful assassins ever lived.

She is heartless when she feels like it.

And sweet other times.

She set out to avenge her parents death when she has to move to America and attend a high school.

With her friend Adrian with her, she has to disguise herself to be a sweet, loving girl, when in reality, she is bottling in her desire to kill.

Soon, her ultimate disguise starts to fade...

Woah you live in a mansion and it only takes 3 minutes to pack?
princessnacs princessnacs a day ago
Actually in the front since most Lamborghini engines are in the back. The "trunk" space is so impossible to fit stuff in. I can only fit a small carry on luggage in my finances lol. Just thought I'd point that out.
Who says goodbye when they're just going to sleep. That seems ominous. People normally "goodnight" unless they're leaving. I don't think they realized they were leaving though.