Shifting Wings ((A Hobbit Fanfiction)) {COMPLETED}

Shifting Wings ((A Hobbit Fanfiction)) {COMPLETED}

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'She perched in the tree, watching the dwarf camp. Her eyes adjusted to the night and her wings were folded against her. The dwarves hadn't noticed her presence even though she'd followed them since they had left Bree' 

Larka of Greenwood is a shape-shifter. She may not be the only one of her kind, but there is no other like her. She is unique and alone. With only a few close friends, and many acquaintances, she rarely seeks out the company of others. That is, until she discovers the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. Intrigued by the dwarven group, she follows them silent and observant. One of the dwarves stir feelings within her that she has never known...but when she reveals herself, is there any way that this dark-haired archer could feel the same?

Her past is moggy and unknown, but can Kili come to love her? And can Lark aid these dwarves who have touched her heart, defeat one of the greatest evils known?? Smaug; chiefest and greatest of calamities....the thief of Erebor.

(Written before the DoS and the BoFA so I do apologise for the movie inaccuracy, but I have styled the plot more to the book than the films) (First published 05/13)

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Le1ne5 Le1ne5 Dec 03, 2017
Funny, I didn't expected to be greeted in my mother language in an English Book
AryaMoonlight AryaMoonlight Mar 28, 2017
Um... if you're trying to write 'hello' in spanish, then it's 'hola' with an 'h'. And yes, I know it, and if you're wondering why, then I can only answer that we have spanish as our third "foreign" language/international language
Pilkku_04_ Pilkku_04_ Feb 23
You also missed : Moi, hei, moikkelis, moikka, tervehdys, terve
                              And some otger stuff! 😎
Miss_Marshmellow Miss_Marshmellow Nov 29, 2015
The beginning was superb! Kudos to you! I love how you incorporated her into the plotline!
Sarcasm_Intended Sarcasm_Intended Apr 14, 2015
I quite agree @DovahOfMirkwood 
                              Here's to hoping it continues soon!