Abducted By A Thug Was Not My Plan

Abducted By A Thug Was Not My Plan

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I didn't accept the hug; i didn't want to accept it. He let go and kiss me. And for some reason I kiss him back, why? Hell I don't know. "Ms. Coles, what are you doing to me?" he said looking me right in my chestnut eyes.

Angelina Coles is a College freshman. She is a track star and have a little crush on her best friend Josh. What will happened when Angelina get kidnapped? 

What if Angelina made a plan to make Josh jealous with the kidnapper? Or what if she made the stupidest plan of her life and made the lil thug possessive? 

(a little confusing?) 

well read the book and get a better description.  This book would blow your mind.


unrulii unrulii Sep 04
Made it a 100 votes🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊Bo yahhhh
If someone kidnapped me and tried to put me in the trunk i would literally say damn at least put me in rhe back seat lmao
Hey girl i put on my best friends boxers (he a male) even though there hella big on me and everytime i come out of shower with only his boxers and his t shirt on he looks at me weird like a lion looks at a bunny(basically like he wants to kill me lmao) but he never told me why
denae98 denae98 May 03
I feel like he's watching this from a security system laughing
Byeee! Girl , you had the balls to say yes ...so put some respeck and bass into. Tf
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Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa why u say buttocks😂😂