He's a Sex God... (I'm The Mate of The Alpha-Ultra)

He's a Sex God... (I'm The Mate of The Alpha-Ultra)

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By J.J & J.L Carter

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Level of Alpha, Highest rank to lowest:





This is the highest rank of Alpha. 

The Alpha-Ultra's are found in many places around the world. To become Alpha-Ultra both mates must be Alpha-Mega. Once they are joined (or married) they become Alpha-Ultra, leading all packs in the territory. Ex. Alpha-Ultra of all Australian were wolfs. Alpha-Ultra of all Australian Panthers ect.

Alpha Mega:

Alpha mega means division of power between three alphas. There are 3 Alpha-Megas. One controls the NW, one central, one NE of their land, country, and continent. They control every Pack of their species that lives inside of their division.

Alpha: Leader of a pack but is still controlled by an Alpha-Ultra or Alpha-Mega 



Never love your enemy... )

 4 years go...

Rayden tak...

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puga_chan19 puga_chan19 Dec 29, 2015
Rosy: I especially hate Rayden!
                              Me: *pervert smile* I bet y'all gonna screw one day....
xoxRed_Rosexox xoxRed_Rosexox Feb 20, 2015
It couldnt be that one of the boys is one of her mate... O.o Cuz her (the girl main character forgot her name sorry!) mate is one of the Kane family, and her and Robin are sisters and her mate and Robins 'mate' (I dont think so, but idk) are brothers... Soo... uhh...
italian_bae italian_bae Nov 17, 2014
@CrazyFunnyGrace oh thanks I knew it meant something about your period. btw your darn right you get moody my dad told me once that I acted  like my mom when she was preggo with me (which kinda embarrased me that he knew the deal) lol
BVBFan1999 BVBFan1999 Jun 29, 2014
hey author I would like to tell you I personally love this book because I first read it like a year or less ago but had to make a new account to wattpad and lost it but I've been looking for this book and finally found it and wasn't rayden's name ryder at first
ashbash201297 ashbash201297 Mar 05, 2014
it is a completely wrong way of saying she is on her period. guys always say girls are pmsing when they think a girl is being a bitch.
79bypg 79bypg Jul 16, 2013
This is so cute, the beginning. And the story line is so good! Onward reading!