The Boy Who Cried Mate (Completed Werewolf)

The Boy Who Cried Mate (Completed Werewolf)

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Ashlyn Raine By AshRaine0126 Completed

He pushed me against the wall. His eyes were black, his face inches from mine. His scent made my wolf purr, and I desperately wanted to take a big breathe of it in. He would take me from my family, yet I didnt want to leave his side. My parents stood feet away shocked. I should try to get away from him. Yet my wolf, Terra was urging me to kiss him. 
"Mine", he growled in a huskily, which only cause my wolf to purr more. I nodded.
"Say it."
"Im yours.", I whispered out. 
"I'm yours", I said in my normal voice.

17 year old Raine Jones lived in a meduim sized pack of maybe 100. or so in Kansas. She went to school, but hid what she was. If the humans found out, they'd surely piss their pants. She loved her life. Little does she know that an Alpha that lives at least thousand miles  away away, was about to change her whole world.

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My girlfriend is exactly like this. The two dresses she does have are all black 😂❤️ gotta love her
Lol I didn't even read the summary, I just saw the title and I really liked it😂
Rayne53 Rayne53 Nov 12
My middle name is Rayne but it is spelled differently 😄😄
I actually like those kind of parties. Growing up posh at its finest 👌 (lmao pls don't attack me I'm not rich or anything my grandma is and I had to spend a lot of time with her)
Eehh I'm tall and I honestly feel like there 're no guys that like tall girls.......or are that  tAll and want another tall person.................but hey I've given up on love a long time ago...
I’m 5’7” Omg if he is like,” I’ve been arrested twice, I’m 17, I used to do drugs, i am 6’ 6”, And I recently, joined a colt.” I would be like ,” Hold up, you said your 6’ 6”. Marry me.”