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Kuroko no Basket (Various X Reader)[UNDER EDITING]

Kuroko no Basket (Various X Reader)[UNDER EDITING]

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ダニエル★ナザレノ By AkiraIzumi Updated May 04, 2016

"I am the shadow to your light."-Kuroko Tetsuya

♡A collection of one-shots with your handsome Kurobas boyfriend♡

Hello! I am a new writer so please do bear with me!

I do the following:
✔What if. . .








-AkiraIzumi★ |©2015| ©Tadatoshi Fujimaki

EriskaCaliz EriskaCaliz May 16, 2016
Anong oras nasa pagitan b ng 12-3am kasi sbi nila Pag n gising n ng ganong oras my nakatingin sau n mult
fabjules fabjules May 11, 2016
Omg I have a fear of doors opening/rooms with no doors too. My family thinks I'm crazy though
AkabaneKetsuki AkabaneKetsuki Jun 06, 2016
Wooo I'm not the only lazy and smart one (but somehow I still ace almost everything )
Miatsubaki Miatsubaki Jun 20, 2016
I'm little than Kuroko. .. 147cm. . And I'm 16 years old. ..
Where_Art_Thy Where_Art_Thy Jun 21, 2016
Ah, I have that problem too and it sucks bc I can't wear mascara that often without it getting stuck in my eyelashes.
Mika-chan012605 Mika-chan012605 2 days ago
Who's not proud of being Filipino 😄 I'm proud that I'm a FILIPINO