The Acquisition of Athena (BWWM)

The Acquisition of Athena (BWWM)

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Winona Wild By WinonaWild Updated Nov 03, 2017

Young and ambitious, Taiden Woods, doesn't play by the book. As a man at the helm of his own media empire, he doesn't credit his success from playing fair. To make it to the top, he's had to lie, cheat and steal his way there. He's nothing more than a common crook dressed in a fine tailored suit. A man who knows no bounds when it comes to getting his way. To the world, Taiden Woods is invincible.

Or at least, the next best thing.

One competitor stands in the way of Taiden and his rise to the top. 

Career-driven and strong-willed Athena Reynolds is a woman afraid of failure. Her constant strive for excellence is what put her in charge of Healdsburg Corporation - a leader in the media industry. But a lack of finances, and a power-hungry rival at her neck,  threaten to tarnish her company's good name.  

In a fight for power,  Athena and Taiden struggle between right and wrong. As business and pleasure become one and the same. And the line between love and hate wears thin in their conquest to rule the other. There's always the risk of losing everything, but also the chance to have it all.

For Taiden, he'll find he may want to acquire more than Athena's company.

Who said all was fair in love and war?

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YTLGoddess YTLGoddess Apr 30, 2017
Idk if it's just me but some of the paragraphs are repeating and it's like unfinished then finished
You can really see her ambition and passion in this paragraph
rosinettexoxo rosinettexoxo May 05, 2016
Interesting story, you should really write more books and published them so the world could see because you really are talented.
SeoMiSsi SeoMiSsi Oct 30, 2015
Well damn a gorgeous addicting chapter served with an order of meticulous writing yaassss
ShanitaG ShanitaG Jun 29, 2015
Great start to the story.  It's nice that this isn't the typical CEO story and that a black woman is actually in charge for once!