She is a fighter (naruto fanfiction)

She is a fighter (naruto fanfiction)

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Harmony By madcat1 Completed

I use to have everything, I had a mother to coddle me and a father to protect me. I had a home that was full of joy and my own room that treasured my privacy. Now I regret all those times I told them to leave me alone.

"MASUYO!" I turn my head to the side as I feel the wisp of the blade as it goes towards me. SHING! The metal flashes in the dull light.
I watch as my father goes to grab me only to be grasped by the throat.

Masuyo lost everything and wants to kill the person who took it from her. The man in the mask has started the game the game of cat and mouse. 

Masuyo is a fighter. Living day to day trying to live up to her parents hopes and dreams. But when a masked man comes and kills them. What has she got left to live for?

With new determination she seeks revenge for her parents deaths. Will she achieve what she thinks is important or will she lose hope in finding the killer that took all she ever had.

Will she succeed in her goal or will she get distracted along the way and forget what made her go insane.

How are u supposed to find someone who u haven't seen the face of????
summer3pets summer3pets Dec 21, 2016
I wish you two were girls and had them too! See how you like it then.
Nooooo!!! Once I got the joke I smiled ....ヽ(´Д`;)
                              And I'm wearing a face mask(╥﹏╥)
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Oct 27, 2016
She's now gonna go ape shít crazy like sasuke about avenging things 😓
HurricaneLLy HurricaneLLy Jul 13, 2016
I was reading this out loud in a robot voice and when I hit the part that said icha I was like....Duck this shot I'm out (yes that is not autocorrect I did it on purpose)