Till The End 【Kamigami no Asobi x Reader One-Shots】

Till The End 【Kamigami no Asobi x Reader One-Shots】

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Mizuki By Zukini69 Updated Aug 07

[Edit/Warning: Written during my newbie days, sorry if it's kinda crappy XD ]

Have you watched the Anime, Kamigami no Asobi??

Not yet? Well I advice you to watch it NOW! It's a good Anime *wink* 


If so,

I invite you to read this book of mine! Romantic One-Shots of KNA which includes YOU! Yes! YOU! Have you ever thought what it would be like if it was YOU instead of Yui that they fell inlove with?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Kamigami no Asobi characters. I also do not own (First Name). They all belong to their rightful owners.

(I still think that I'm an amateur writer. So please bear with my style of writing.)

[Published: April 9,2015]

Noumi-neko Noumi-neko Jul 23, 2016
I'm actually scared of dark but it's because I'm affraid of becoming/being blind. (~>~<)~
RaevenLaLunaLight RaevenLaLunaLight Nov 04, 2016
Me: (To Hades) Ku, ku, ku~. I love you~.
                              Hades: *Turns beet red*.
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Mar 26, 2016
*lets out a little 'nyi' while grinning evilly* HE IS SOOOOO KAWAII ~ !!!!!
RavensSmile RavensSmile Sep 24, 2016
I think Hades is most underrated. He's such a lovely person and in my opinium he's the hottest one, too :D
                              But still: He's so freaking cute <3
-winterdarling -winterdarling May 28, 2015
How cute~!
                              I'm glad there is a Kamigami no Asobi x reader on here now! I've been searching for a fanfic of this and it's purrfect! ;D
KirigakureYami KirigakureYami Apr 14, 2015
Lol this guy and his misfortune.. XD stay away from me Ill give u misfortune...