Clandestine Academy (BTS Fanfiction | On-going)

Clandestine Academy (BTS Fanfiction | On-going)

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Auteur Bretagne 💐 By BeautifulPinkTwisted Updated Sep 16

Snow, Lava,  Breeze, Rain. Ice, Fire, Wind and Storm.
Weird names, huh? But these aren't just names, kid. You want to know who and what are these people more? Curious? The day has come, kid. Today is the day to realize and enlighten yourself that adding this story in your library will be the best feeling in the world. Heh! Feel the sprinkle of pixie dust. Fly, explore new places and feel the magic!

This is a BTS fantasy fanfiction story that will make you believe that no one is too old for Fairytales and magic stuffs. A teen clash between the eight ELEMENTUM. Fancy Reading!
[The writer is still making some changes in this story-the dialogues and its text format. Nevertheless, you are free to read and add this story in your library!]

P.S: If ever I have the same plot with the other stories, it's just completely coincidental. This is all part of my imaginations. The names, characters, places, themes, business and the plot are products of the writer's imagination. Please do not plagiarize. Thank you!

About the cover: The book cover of Clandestine Academy was made by yours truly. Credits to the amazing artists from DeviantArt for their magical artworks that I've used for my cover.

BeautifulPinkTwisted, 2015 © All Rights Reserved

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Renceel_19 Renceel_19 Sep 26
Na alala ko ang Hell University😂😍 na "once you enter,there's no turning back"
incordium incordium Aug 20
Proof means evidence; ebidensya o basehan. Katunayan means truth.
This is the first BTS fantasy fiction I'll read Im excited tho 😊😊😄
GRV2410 GRV2410 Nov 06
Sayang wala si Yoongi. Dapat siya ang sa Fire eh. 😂 Oh kaya si Jungkook kase evil maknae naman siya. 😂😂 Homay!! Kunyari ako na lang yung makakaloveteam ni Jin Author ha? Char. 😂😂
lostmortals lostmortals Sep 23
This is nice but I'm kinda getting pissed off with the 'kids' thingy. Nevertheless, I love this.
Sana may character din ung girls hehehehhe pero okiiee lang 😂😂