❝ My Baby ❞ » Zarry

❝ My Baby ❞ » Zarry

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❝ ralphy ɀ ❞ By ZaynieUnderYou Updated May 08, 2015

❝  In which Harry has babysitter for his baby. But what if Harry one day fucks his baby's babysitter and fall's fall him.  ❞


[cover by: @0ziall ]

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girlsndgirls girlsndgirls Apr 03, 2016
when you've been in the fandom so long the first name that comes to your mind for his daughter is darcy cringe
_spilttea _spilttea Apr 10, 2015
@ZaynieUnderYou I bet I will and really teasing me about the wife, well I'll wait to find out (´∀`)
ZaynieUnderYou ZaynieUnderYou Apr 10, 2015
@blxndxmxments hehehehe, don't worry, this story will start soon.. tho about that wife thingy .....(secret) Lol .. but hopefully you'll have fun reading this story :)
_spilttea _spilttea Apr 10, 2015
@ZaynieUnderYou I thought it was obvious: I do, first there's zarry and I cannot resist those 2,together and then there's an adorable kid involved and no annoying wife:
                              IM IN!!!
ZaynieUnderYou ZaynieUnderYou Apr 10, 2015
@blxndxmxments thank you.. don't worry I will, really soon ..
ZaynieUnderYou ZaynieUnderYou Apr 10, 2015
@blxndxmxments lol,  do you like the story so far? even if its just the prologue ?? lol ..