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The Pole (Eren X Levi AU)|| Complete

The Pole (Eren X Levi AU)|| Complete

68.7K Reads 2.6K Votes 23 Part Story
Creek By LeviXErenismyOTP Completed

Eren Jeager needs the money, desperate for it, he gets a job as a bartender or so he thought....
Hanji Zoe: is the owner of the club, alongside her friend Erwin Smith
Take a liking to Eren's caribbean eyes and, Cute face offer him the job of a waiter. He tries decline but after being invited to watch their best dancer 'Heichou' was his stage name dance, he because fond of the dancer and wants to be seen by his, so he joins and is accompanied by 'Heichou/Levi'.

[WARNING: contains Yaoi or Gay BoyxBoy actions later in the story, Drug use, Adult actions as in SMUT also happens later into the story if feel uncomfortable and/or don't like any of those things listed then please do not read. THANK YOU]

Odettalia Odettalia Mar 09
Crazy glue power!!!
                              It can fix anything!!!!
                                                          Even a wall!!!
                              (If you wanna be a mermaid/merman, use crazy glue!!!)
                              Ps: NEVER do what I suggest, it's a really bad idea, seriously
It means short angry man who enjoys cleaning and making poop Jokes
tostismyjam tostismyjam Mar 04
*Calls handy manny*
ImSickOfThisBye ImSickOfThisBye Dec 27, 2016
So its supposed to be Jaeger* but I mean if Jean did it on purpose as a joke then ok
What is this song 
                              I actually feel violated listening to it
Gay. Cmon Erwin say it with me. G-A-Y
                              Gay bar
                              No ___bar, stop being a lazy ass it's a motherfucking GAY BAR