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sarah ✵ By epicjoy Updated Jun 29, 2013

Hopelessly depressed, orphaned teen Jill attempts to end her life by jumping in front of a subway train but is stopped by Alexander, a handsome young man who begins to change her life for the better. 

Then comes Anette, a cancer-battling fourteen-year-old girl with a strong will and a beautiful heart. She enters Jill's life in an unusual way and teaches her that human beings are pefectly capable of fighting their battles, even when it's a fight against themselves. 

Through Alexander, Anette, and her other friends, Jill experiences an array of new emotions that are more positive than she could ever hope for. She also begins to realize that even Alexander might have some scars of his own as well as witnessing Anette's unrelenting strength and determination. 

This is a story about love, loss, and the healing of a teenage girl's broken mind and heart through the friendship and courage of others.

"You were just a handsome boy, your bright future and hopes and dreams and endless happiness etched invisibly onto your face. I was just a broken girl, all my pain and nightmares and thoughts scratched onto my arms. Except they weren’t invisible."

cover is by Laura Makabresku (mala-lesbia on deviantart).
no copyright infringement intended. I do not own the cover photograph.

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JillIsWeird JillIsWeird Dec 01, 2017
I think this story will be kinda funny in a way to me because Jill is just the shortened version of my name
I m always alone
                              people who don’t suffer from depression never understand and always keep saying oh like u are not alone And all tht crap
                              Which isn’t true 
                              Bc I feel lonely than ever before rn and no one knows and I smile even thg I m breaking down inside
eiral_317 eiral_317 Dec 02, 2013
Beautifully-written, very descriptive and atmospheric. Your words are that of a true poet. Keep writing!
yourwaterlily yourwaterlily Jul 10, 2013
holy shit.
                              this is f*cking S T U N N I N G! so amazingly beautiful, you're are so talented, my gosh.
peacegod peacegod Jul 01, 2013
@epicjoy omgggg we can fangirl over eminem together looool!!
epicjoy epicjoy Jun 30, 2013
@ginaes looool well i needed the character to sound really enticing while he shouts, so i'm like omggg eminem ♥ ahaha i'm a dork >o<