Fairytail: Lucy Revenge : Dark or Light

Fairytail: Lucy Revenge : Dark or Light

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kristine russell By park_kim_hana_07 Updated Apr 23, 2016

Lucy been ignored when lissana came back from earth land he almost vanishes her existence to fairytail , the only friend he have is Wendy,gajeel,mirajane,master,gildarts,and the three exceed , one day natsu kicked him in their team , he traveled in a forest and then he meet zeref , can zeref be a protagonist or antagonist? And can fairytail  change Lucy one more time


I'm just going to write this fabric because I'm a big fan of fairytail ( nalu ) 

so please read my story
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I don't own fairytail hiro mashimo does 
but still I own the stories and the other character that I will added

oceanbark oceanbark Apr 30, 2016
What no why*crying and faints at the end*Lisanna u have bixslow I think I ship Nalu,gale,jerza,rowen,miraxus,stingyu,bixianna and gruvia
StupidlyJay StupidlyJay Apr 06, 2016
Not to discourage you author but, get some grammar going and some good sentences
Inquisitor__Lavellan Inquisitor__Lavellan Feb 04, 2016
fnvjoqENOJBGJ fnvjoqENOJBGJ May 26, 2016
Who argrees that they have to stop for a bit just to fill the gaps with missspelt words or add some on?
Rhiannahutcherson Rhiannahutcherson Mar 07, 2016
Does that means. He wants her on the team cuz lisanna's weak?
Lezlysvenus Lezlysvenus Jul 12, 2015
you are misspelling things.It's SHE instead of He cause she is a girl and he is a boy