Clexa AU present day. Clarke and Lexa are new students at the same university.

shawmila_5H shawmila_5H 2 days ago
It's hard to imagine the 100 characters like this because half of them are grounders and have dirt on their faces 24/7
shawmila_5H shawmila_5H 2 days ago
Trying to escape Camren by reading Clexa stuff. It's not working
I'm a sucker for green eyes... especially if your first name is Lauren and last name is Jauregui
Wow I instantly though "anything is possible for a possible" everyone is like Potter, family guy and I'm like KIM POSSIBLE!
If clarke got a twin guess what she will be named ?
                              TWOheda. Aha ! Get it ?
Oh my god parking in NYC. Being an adult is reading that and thinking good for you not having to find a lot and pay!