Next to Me ll Sodapop Curtis

Next to Me ll Sodapop Curtis

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Gracie ♡ By tulsagreasers Updated Sep 13, 2015

Valerie had been with guys like Dallas Winston. Cold, mean guys with feelings that never showed. But now she's decided that she needs someone who cares about her, and she might have just found him.


Cover credit to the FABULOUS @mordacious

Some characters and plotlines are credited to the amazing S E Hinton

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baddestpapi baddestpapi Sep 11, 2017
Ik this is old afff but I sure hope Dally didn't waste any of his weed
itsyaponyboi itsyaponyboi Jun 08, 2017
Instead putting a dash you could of used an ellipsis put more effect on the writing
SmolGirl04 SmolGirl04 Aug 02, 2017
Making me question if I'm gay or not (I am a girl, but Imy not sure what gender I like)
SmolGirl04 SmolGirl04 Aug 02, 2017
Why the fuckin lying, why you always lying, mm oh my god, STOP FUCKIN LYING
grapequeen grapequeen Jun 23, 2016
Oh thank god I hate school in fanfics it takes away time for the interesting stuff to happen