Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x Reader

Sweet End Bunny || FNAF Bonnie x Reader

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(Y/n)'s troubles have been too much for her to handle. But when her mysterious friend drops a piece of paper by her house, a whole new adventure begins. 

A seemingly innocent restaurant still has its dark secrets, and also a seemingly innocent girl. But when they meet once again, even another innocent soul can be involved. Do they have their good intentions? Or are they just plainly cold-hearted and evil?

(Y/n) spends an odd week in a life-threatening job with only the help of her lover and friend. Yet, can even her two helpers get along? The two have never been seen getting along, even in the most dangerous of situations. How can the night guard end this long-lasting feud?

Looks and voices can be deceiving, watch out for that British boy. He tends to have his secretive side out most of the time. When his "brother" decides to spill all of the secrets, no one is safe. Trust your intelligence and cunningness to escape the traps of a secret, cold-hearted killer. 

A burning flame..

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puppup821 puppup821 Oct 08, 2017
Neptune heart (not real name or real self)
                              Blue and purple 
                              ???? Like as in cup size or clothing size????
__Wolfie236__ __Wolfie236__ Nov 07, 2017
Wolfie Howler
                              Dark blue
                              Electric blue
                              Brown and blue
bonnica_fnaf bonnica_fnaf Sep 23, 2017
Clariety drangon
                              Blue and purple
                              Small/half medium
Miraculousakuma Miraculousakuma Jun 22, 2017
Chloe Stokes
                              Soft pink, midsummer blue.
                              Blueish gray.
                              Soft goldish colour
                              I'm tall for my age
                              (Ten years old)
DragonDreamer2435 DragonDreamer2435 Sep 02, 2017
1-800..FAZ BEAR (it-its from an ad that has a little jingle... I don't know if it's a meme or not but eh.)
Disastriss Disastriss Nov 07, 2017
Bexy Fernandez 
                              Light brown
                              Smaller than Bonnie taller than chica