Royal Pain || z.m. [Book 2]

Royal Pain || z.m. [Book 2]

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[Sequel to The Prince & The Pauper]

It's been a year since Genevieve and Zayn got married. Genevieve was now known as, Princess Genevieve Bell-Malik of Genovia. The royal family and their subjects were happy and at peace.

But not everyone had accepted the prince's decision to marry someone who was not of the royal blood. Anger and the need to take revenge raged in one's heart.

Genevieve's love story turned out like her favourite fairytale, but she lived happily ever after only for a short while. As Genevieve takes on her new role in life as a wife and royal, she faces numerous hardships. Will Zayn stay by her side like he had promised to?

Vengeance will be taken, relationships will be tested and lives will be snatched away.

Cover credits to @indigogalaxyjas

  • bethany
  • castle
  • fairytale
  • king
  • malik
  • mota
  • murder
  • prince
  • princess
  • queen
  • revenge
  • romance
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aimenkhan_ aimenkhan_ May 01, 2017
Ahh I'm so excited after reading this actually I found the sequel after such a long time :D but I'm happy I did can't wait to see what happens next xx
Infinity118xx Infinity118xx Oct 26, 2017
Why does it always have to be the bade guy that Harry falls for? It'll be a hella better if Larry happened
Radz22 Radz22 Nov 29, 2016
The trailer is mindblowing so in love with this book already can't wait to find out what happens next ! I really like your work alot zivacious n ya thnx for such so beautiful novels love thm all !
Vaardoggie Vaardoggie Sep 14, 2015
                              YOU     LOVE    ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              I know I'm awesome *smirks*
zerrieandzarry zerrieandzarry Jun 06, 2015
MEEE OF COURSE. . say otherwise and I will not dare read a single word of any of ur updates
katb415 katb415 Jun 04, 2015
I'm so ready for this second book can't wait to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!