Saved (Marauders Fan Fiction)

Saved (Marauders Fan Fiction)

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Bookworm By Lillana45897 Completed

In his fifth year, Sirius Black never thought that he would find a girl interesting enough to draw his attention. Sure, there at been the small flings brought on by mutual attraction and a good snog, but nothing that he wanted to further. 

	At the young age of fifteen, Ulivia Leeds had never left the Black Lake. Tails, not feet, were the only thing she had known as the young mermaid was forbidden to near the surface. Not that she was not curious, mind you. The idea of something new was calling her towards the surface and a part of her pushed deep. 

	If only she had a prince. Or she could do it herself. Either way worked for the girl, as the surface was the way to be saved.

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ElfLalalala6 ElfLalalala6 Jul 23, 2017
Totally not creepy whatsoever. I'm just imagining it in a low voice and then a chair turns around and there a rubber duck wearing a suit sitting on it.
Lokis_Cat Lokis_Cat Aug 26, 2017
I got a jar a dirt, I got a jar of dirt, and guess what's in side it *falls down stairs* Got it!!!
books_by_CJ books_by_CJ Mar 02
This summary is absolutely PERFECT!! I’m hooked... welp, there goes sleep
Chossenerest Chossenerest Sep 24, 2016
I love it when people have a cast, but then i have to search the person (if i dont know them) on google and keep in mind who they are. XP
deipnophobia deipnophobia Feb 10, 2017
but... the first years... and slytherin... I don't think sirius would....?
SlytherinDuh SlytherinDuh Nov 25, 2016
All I can think of is a mermaid half emerged in the water doing the sprinkler and singing whopping gangnam stlye😂😂😂 MENTAL IMAGES