The Lost One

The Lost One

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At 19, life has given Aislinn Nox many things, most of them she never wanted. 

Like dead parents at the age of six. 
A slaughtered pack.
To be forced to live with humans. 
Thirteen years of hell. 
A new name.
An old legacy. 

All of them are hers, all of them have broken her, but none of that will matter when she finally gets the one thing she desires: revenge.

For five years she has been planning her revenge for the brutal murder of her parents, and the vicious slaughter of her entire pack. And for five years, it has been all that she has lived for.

And nowhere, in those neat little plans did she included a pack, friends, a mate she could never deserve, or remembering everything and everyone she lost. 

But life is cruel. 
And rarely do we get what we want. 


Kaiden Salvatori is the first born son of Alpha Sergio Salvatori, who thought he had life all figured out. He was easily learning the ropes of the family business, taking over his roles both in the pack as Alpha, as well in the corporate world as a powerful CEO. It was all simple and predictable, boring even.

But that all changes in a single night when he happens to stumble across a she-wolf being hunted on his territory, discovering that not only is she a rogue herself but that she also happens to be his mate.


In that one fateful encounter everything changes. 

Lies will be uncovered. Truths revealed. Enemies exposed.

When secrets and betrayals come, both Kaiden and Aislinn will be forced to choose; what are they willing to give up, and what they are prepared to fight for. 

Fate has destined them for each other, but sometimes even that just isn't enough.

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