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Give Me Your Heart (Kaneki x Reader) One shots

Give Me Your Heart (Kaneki x Reader) One shots

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Deidra Hopkins By DeidraHopkins Updated May 28, 2016

One shots for those Kaneki X Reader Tokyo Ghoul obsessed fans like myself.
Enjoy! (^ν^)

FennecFandomFox FennecFandomFox Sep 21, 2016
I thought Kaneki was male? I'm sure it would be "Kaneki-Kun"..
chilolehh chilolehh Aug 13, 2016
If kuro is doing that, that means that shiro is feeling like that
candyflosscaitlin candyflosscaitlin Aug 17, 2016
AHAHAHAHAHAHA that picture looks like Tsukiyama is sniffing his armpit while everyone else looks super bada**!!!!!!! 😂😂😂
juliettetheotaku321 juliettetheotaku321 Jun 18, 2016
When I saw the title of this fanfic I could only think of the song : 🎤 give me a heart make it real or else forget about it!🎤
summonx summonx Apr 23, 2015
Kuro!Kaneki is the black haired kaneki its not 2 people XD you probably got the wrong idea sorry lol