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Death Note one~shots

Death Note one~shots

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Vkusno! By southparklover972 Updated May 31, 2015

You sat in a spin chair beside L watching the screens. Matsude and Misa were at a photo shoot, Light was being watched, and his father wasn't here yet. All the other men were out doing something. You took a couple notes down. You didn't notice Ryuzaki was watching you. You weren't as smart as him, but you were close. Very. You then, reached over to his slice of cake in front of him, and slid it by you. You took the fork and started eating it. You kept your eyes on the screen the whole time. 

"I believe that is my cake." He said watching you eat it. You didn't look at him. " weren't eating it. So I stole it." You said putting another piece in your mouth. He watched you jot down notes. You turned away from the screen and looked at Ryuzaki. "Swomthing wrong?" You asked with a mouth full of cake. Je kept an eye one you. He never replied. You shrugged and put a fork full of cake again in your mouth. He watched again as you jotted down notes. You finished the cake and left the str...

KS_Trash KS_Trash Apr 15
If someone kissed my neck, it's sexy time. Even in this situation. I would turn my ass around and pounce him.
Tikitoitoi Tikitoitoi Oct 02, 2016
Totally. You're the worlds greatest detective. How have you NOT noticed?
No, no crush. I just randomly almost kiss people all the time.
ttractive ttractive Mar 16, 2016
Ryuk. Imagine he was there thinking ryu was short for him. How weird.
HalfwayToFlying HalfwayToFlying Dec 23, 2015
Dude, that was not long. That was short with the two parts combined...