The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap

The Billionaire Boyfriend Trap

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Kendra Little By kendralittle1 Completed

Cleo knows her job is borderline unethical, but she tells herself that the businessmen she spies on are arrogant and greedy. Besides, it pays well and she needs the money for her sister's medical bills and to put her through art school. But when that art school's very existence is under threat from Cleo's latest target, billionaire Reece Kavanagh, she will do anything in her power to stop him and keep her sister happy. 

Until she falls in love with him. 

He was supposed to be a jerk, but Reece turns out to be everything Cleo ever wanted in a man. His heart is not cold and empty as reported, but beats only for Cleo. So when he reveals the dark secret that drives him to close down the school, she knows she has to stop him, for his own good as well as her sister's.
But what will Reece do when he finds out that the woman he trusts has been undermining him all along?

WARNING: This novel contains some sex scenes that should only be read by mature audiences.

omgitzjanee omgitzjanee Dec 29, 2016
ANEMIC! My chorus teacher calls us that when we arent singing w expression or feeling lollol
aquapen6 aquapen6 Aug 26, 2016
I can give a list of reasons for why I don't want to get married because of my parents who are not messed up but in a healthy relationship. But just a little quarrel between two messes up big time their kids life. So hereby i declare Ellen wrong :p
ankles ankles Jan 31, 2016
lol I've experienced screwed up parents firsthand. Ellen is completely wrong in my perspective. there's something called getting screwed up mentally. trust me, that's a thing :^)
omgitzjanee omgitzjanee Dec 29, 2016
Cleo is regarding Becky as a child who is fragile and has to have what she wants all the time. She's the opposite. She fought cancer and won. She's an adult also. Whatever
0420emilie 0420emilie Mar 14, 2016
Even though it said it in the summary, I'm still pissed at Him
Guys this book seems great to read but i wanna know wat u guyz think of it, is it romantic??