omaha squad sex slave

omaha squad sex slave

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c johnson By omahottie Updated Nov 22, 2016

"you're going to be our sex slave sweetie"

- in which a girl is sold to jack gilinsky , jack johnson , skate maloley , sam wilkinson , derek luh , and shawn mendes

covers made by @secutegrxnde

cici_2552 cici_2552 Nov 21, 2016
Okay so my sister was at a club and saw Taylor, cam, and Nash. She was partying with Taylor for a while 😂
I couldn't do that, calling someone other than your dad that makes me cringe BIG TIME
MayuSuzemoto MayuSuzemoto Nov 24, 2016
Okay is it just me or did the old Cameron looked way better than the uh 2k16 Cameron. LIKE IM SHOOOOKKK
crystalfuls- crystalfuls- Jul 10, 2016
And we go to Victoria secret were I just so happen to belong
Kejacobs14 Kejacobs14 Jul 07, 2016
As some as I saw the treat me better I thought of treat you better by Shawn mendes
BabyGirl-01 BabyGirl-01 Oct 29, 2016
I thought it said banana so I thought of Taylor in a banana 😂