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My Omega (Rewritting Soon) (ManxManxMan)

My Omega (Rewritting Soon) (ManxManxMan)

146K Reads 5.7K Votes 24 Part Story
LieutenantSnuggles By LieutenantSnuggles Completed

Jason O'Connor is the best Warrior of the Black Hills Pack. He is respected by everyone. The girls are always falling over him. While Cody Black is the Omega. He is treated like dirt. The girls don't even notice him. They are complete opposites. So what happens when Jason finds out that Cody is his mate? Will Cody reject him or give him a chance to finally put an end to his suffering?

*Warning: If you don't like boy on boy action then don't read this book because clearly, I wrote boyxboy in the title to hint that there is going to boy on boy action and if you don't like that stuff then this isn't the  right book for you. There will also be rape in this book. The story kinda moves fast and it gets confusing at some points. Sorry. Thanks*

intririous intririous Feb 02
*left eye twitches* Oh, say something will ya? They are gonna hit you anyway!
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Nov 14, 2016
                              TARTARUS WILL NEED THOSE TORTURE CHAMBERSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              Satan: Uh oh
                              God: She's at it again
                              Jesus: Don' look at me!
MagalieKabasele MagalieKabasele Dec 15, 2015
Poor baby I hate bullies for me the are same as terrorist I hope they burn in hell
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Nov 20, 2015
I would have punched them, talked back, throw sarcastic remarks, roll my eyes and shît. Even something violent!
StephanieRatley StephanieRatley Aug 07, 2015
OMG! He's got an evil LINT in his eye! That dust bunny was probably saying pick on someone you own size! Ha feel my WRATH! WHATS THE MATTER? DO YOU HAVE DUST IN YOUR EYE?! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*
Luciplier Luciplier Jun 22, 2015
I know how u can stop all the madness. Get a gun and do a shoot out at the school. :)