Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

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A DaveKat fanfiction. 

I do not own Homestuck or any of the characters. They belong to the almighty Hussie. 


In later chapters, the story may contain a lemon or two. If you don't know what that means it is mature content. Boy x Boy. Yeah.

We'll now I know why I imagined eridan sitting in that bush with them.
*imagines terezi, eridan, and nepeta sitting in a bush out side Dave's window*
                              Why is eridan with them? Idk...
"Kakat", ii2 that how you pronounce iit iin a North Ea2tern accent?
This just UGHHHHN destroyed me.
                              But it hurted a little when Dave said "who are you flushed for? Terezi?"
                              NO!! ;uuuu;
NeinRemis NeinRemis Jun 22
Nepeta is watching through the window while Eridan is in the chimney. "Ho ho ho lowwbloods."
"great job at not sounding like a total dick" 
                              Terezi rules