Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

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A DaveKat fanfiction. 

I do not own Homestuck or any of the characters. They belong to the almighty Hussie. 


In later chapters, the story may contain a lemon or two. If you don't know what that means it is mature content. Boy x Boy. Yeah.

alcesOmnified alcesOmnified Mar 28, 2016
*imagines terezi, eridan, and nepeta sitting in a bush out side Dave's window*
                              Why is eridan with them? Idk...
*leaves with camera and runs away* I CAN EXPLAIN! I WASN'T SPYING ON THEM I was...................passing by as spaced out and took a bunch of pictures. Then I didn't totally send them to Terzei! Nope! Totally did! *Sweats nervously*
NeinRemis NeinRemis Jun 22, 2016
Nepeta is watching through the window while Eridan is in the chimney. "Ho ho ho lowwbloods."
PrysmaticFox PrysmaticFox Aug 30, 2016
"great job at not sounding like a total dick" 
                              Terezi rules
nightwolf649 nightwolf649 Dec 06, 2015
Lol, I feel like saying "I have my sources, I'm watching you." Is something I would say and do xD
Augusttillmanhi Augusttillmanhi Nov 26, 2015
So I read your bio and my heart stopped for a moment because my crush is named Dakota and like the first few sentences sounded lile somthong he would say and I was freaking out. BTW. This is my favorite DaveKat fanfic. I shall now vote with thoss acc and my fanfic one.