Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

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A DaveKat fanfiction. 

I do not own Homestuck or any of the characters. They belong to the almighty Hussie. 


In later chapters, the story may contain a lemon or two. If you don't know what that means it is mature content. Boy x Boy. Yeah.

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I for one loved it I'm a newer fan of the fandum but I've only looked into it for 3 days and I'm on recap 2
asella1 asella1 Aug 20
What have I been wrong 
                              That was one of those questions that you don't answer... 
                              The conversation I have every day
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Sep 28
he coullddd
                              hE COULD BE TALKING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE??
                              KINDA FLIPPIN SHIPS OVER HERE
Whos there
                              Lettuce who
                              Lettuce in and you'll know
asella1 asella1 Aug 20
ALL my fin' friends 
                              But WHAT THE ACTUAL F@?k NOT EVEN IM THAT MUCH OF A STOCKER
                              wait that makes me sound like a stocker...$h!t!!
alcesOmnified alcesOmnified Mar 28, 2016
*imagines terezi, eridan, and nepeta sitting in a bush out side Dave's window*
                              Why is eridan with them? Idk...