Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

Unrequited Love? Maybe Not. (DaveKat)

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A DaveKat fanfiction. 

I do not own Homestuck or any of the characters. They belong to the almighty Hussie. 


In later chapters, the story may contain a lemon or two. If you don't know what that means it is mature content. Boy x Boy. Yeah.

I for one loved it I'm a newer fan of the fandum but I've only looked into it for 3 days and I'm on recap 2
asella1 asella1 Aug 20
What have I been wrong 
                              That was one of those questions that you don't answer... 
                              The conversation I have every day
Whos there
                              Lettuce who
                              Lettuce in and you'll know
asella1 asella1 Aug 20
ALL my fin' friends 
                              But WHAT THE ACTUAL F@?k NOT EVEN IM THAT MUCH OF A STOCKER
                              wait that makes me sound like a stocker...$h!t!!
alcesOmnified alcesOmnified Mar 28, 2016
*imagines terezi, eridan, and nepeta sitting in a bush out side Dave's window*
                              Why is eridan with them? Idk...
*leaves with camera and runs away* I CAN EXPLAIN! I WASN'T SPYING ON THEM I was...................passing by as spaced out and took a bunch of pictures. Then I didn't totally send them to Terzei! Nope! Totally did! *Sweats nervously*