Alter Ego ― Lucius Wagner x Reader

Alter Ego ― Lucius Wagner x Reader

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*Older!Lucius Wagner x Reader*


; alter ego
ˌaltər ˈɛɡəʊ,ˌɒlt-,ˈiːɡ-/
a person's secondary or alternative personality.

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- I thought this was a start, of a newly found love between two people that were considered emotionless, stone-hearted. So how could he turn away from all the things we went through? It was like another person entered his body, like he had his own alter ego.

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I'll pretebd that Satan is Zalgo *because I'm his greatest fan*
FernandaNaiff FernandaNaiff 4 days ago
por favor parem de fazer fanfics de lucius e leitor, é feiu
I was blushing and laughing the whole time while reading this. My mom and sister think I've gone crazy.
SkeletalLie SkeletalLie Sep 02, 2015
I'd sit there smirking while chuckling darkly and quietly. I'm a bit sadistic you could say
XxXTheDinosaurXxX XxXTheDinosaurXxX Jul 09, 2015
Wait wait wait, what kind of hurting do you mean?? (Ermergerd I'm such a fudging perv XD)
derdrucksteigt derdrucksteigt Jun 03, 2015
laugh at me this is the second time i'm reading the story. in 2 days...