Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

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X Dead Account X By hatsu-senpai Completed

~"The wind tugged at your hair as you sat on a bench and read your book. You had an uneasy feeling, like you were being watched, but you ignored it. You didn't know he was behind you."~

Living with your drunken mother had been a living hell. Everyday, you wished for nothing more than to leave. One night when you're home alone, your wish comes true. A strange boy with orange goggles and a stripped hoodie shows up and takes you to a place were there are people like you; rejects of society. For once in your life, you felt like you belonged somewhere, but your life was about to take another drastic turn.

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any if the creepypastas, their stories, or the SlenderMansion. I also do not own you x)*

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Bitch I probably would have just grabbed the whole box and ate em frozen XD
ItzzzJL ItzzzJL Jul 09
This is me talking to myself about the bad decisions of a character in a horror movie. Like wtf? DON'T GO IN THE ROOM WHERE THE NOISE IS COMING FROM, BRUH
Great noe one woman army is playing. Why my playlist do this to me?!?!?!
                              My mom is gonna beat my a55 cause you wanted to break my window but whatever now I can keep your hatchet so one for one I guess
_God_707_ _God_707_ Jul 09
Hmm.... Nope.....
                              I have separation issues, claustrophobia and insanity...
i can just imagine toby being the eyeholes man from rick and morty just being like GIVE ME MY WAFFLES!!! and attacking someone XD