Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

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X Dead Account X By hatsu-senpai Completed

~"The wind tugged at your hair as you sat on a bench and read your book. You had an uneasy feeling, like you were being watched, but you ignored it. You didn't know he was behind you."~

Living with your drunken mother had been a living hell. Everyday, you wished for nothing more than to leave. One night when you're home alone, your wish comes true. A strange boy with orange goggles and a stripped hoodie shows up and takes you to a place were there are people like you; rejects of society. For once in your life, you felt like you belonged somewhere, but your life was about to take another drastic turn.

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any if the creepypastas, their stories, or the SlenderMansion. I also do not own you x)*

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RoseyCosey RoseyCosey 7 days ago
*Teleport's everybody 10 waffles but leave's self 166 waffles*Haha!
TwilightSxS TwilightSxS Sep 10
When They said "The fingers of his gloves were cut off" my mind instantly went back to when I was about 7 and i had those type of gloves where you could flip them and your fingers would show whilst covering your palm and all I have to say is AWWWWWWW
loldorklol loldorklol 5 days ago
If someone was trying to kill am and was watching me watch a horror movie I would be laughing t the death scenes since the characters bring there death onto themselbes
TwilightSxS TwilightSxS Sep 10
Ok act as if that wasn't your oppertunity to escape or anything
TwilightSxS TwilightSxS Sep 10
There's a saying that fear shows that you are alive.... so does that mean I'm ded?
TheMyserty_Child TheMyserty_Child 19 hours ago
I’m the total opposite bro😂😂😂im pretty sure there would be a clown outside waiting for me ya know😂😂