Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

Savior 》Ticci Toby x Reader {EDITING}

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X Dead Account X By hatsu-senpai Completed

~"The wind tugged at your hair as you sat on a bench and read your book. You had an uneasy feeling, like you were being watched, but you ignored it. You didn't know he was behind you."~

Living with your drunken mother had been a living hell. Everyday, you wished for nothing more than to leave. One night when you're home alone, your wish comes true. A strange boy with orange goggles and a stripped hoodie shows up and takes you to a place were there are people like you; rejects of society. For once in your life, you felt like you belonged somewhere, but your life was about to take another drastic turn.

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any if the creepypastas, their stories, or the SlenderMansion. I also do not own you x)*

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_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Sep 13
Do you like waffles?
                              Toby: HELL YES!!
                              I'm just gonna stop because I know more ear rape screams are coming my way.
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Sep 13
•grabs my waffles, anime posters, band posters, ps4, and my video games• NOPE NOT TODAY!!! *runs*
Creative_OC Creative_OC Oct 07
Sister: "Waffles!"
                              Me: "Hey, you know who else loves waffles?"
                              Sister: "Who?"
                              Me: "Ticci Toby!"
                              Sister: "......."
Me just sitting there on the floor. Once he leaves I run for the hills. Why? Because there is something I do not give? Can you guess?
                              Hint: I don't give a d_mn (Hint: a)
Dang it, where is Aya Drevis and her chainsaw when I need her.
"And that" my friends, "is why I have 2 different types of knives in my room"
                              I have a mental disorder...