Always on my mind ~ Barry Allen

Always on my mind ~ Barry Allen

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Maggie Lee By SuperHopelessFangirl Updated May 05

Iris West and Barry Allen had a friend named Angela Timko. They were three peas in a pod. Angela was your average happy little girl with a single mom and two best friends. But good things don't always last forever. Her mother was murdered so her mothers former fiancé took her in until the foster system found her birth father. She was forced to move 600 miles away from everything she ever knew and loved. 

Now years later she is finally coming back to her home Central City. But why now when she's 22? She could've come home earlier. What happen the the Angela that Barry and Iris grew up with? The shy kind frail girl that loved to sing and dance? If you look closely all you'll see is a broken quiet girl that works herself half to death. Will Barry Allen be able to bring the Angie he knew back? Or will she drown in her horrible memories of the past?

{ Disclaimer: I don't own any DC characters, I only own my OC's }

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I love how you ended the paragraph. You are an amazing writer
RandomFandom245 RandomFandom245 Jul 09, 2017
                              Spoiled rich kid playboy brat blood runs in the family it seems...
RandomFandom245 RandomFandom245 Jul 09, 2017
Personally, I would've just gone like:
                              :/ I dunno how to do this. So: 
                              [Insert your noise]
Optima_Prime Optima_Prime Jun 15, 2016
Bargela, BarAn, Anbar....i suck at making ship names...........*sigh* at least i have my chocolate frosting!
kiss_and_kill kiss_and_kill Jan 16, 2017
ya i didn't start tearing up. my eyes are just sweating for all the reading