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"You shouldn't look at me like that," he growled, stroking the soft skin beneath her chin with his finger.

"Like what, Dean?"

"Like you want me to bend you over my knee," he casually said. "Like you want me to spank you red. Like you want to be-"

"Fucked," she finished for him in the smallest whisper.

His eyes slightly widened, and his cock twitched in greed, but he kept his hand firmly planted in her hair as the other balled into a fist by his side. "Thoroughly fucked, maybe?"

"Yeah, that," she said, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.

"Then ask me for it, Karina."

viaturko viaturko Jan 06
Well I used to take off my shirt and twist my nipples in front of my neighbors
Nariod14 Nariod14 Dec 28, 2016
hellocyan hellocyan Nov 30, 2016
I never finished that moving I always end up crying my eyes out 😂
Nariod14 Nariod14 Dec 28, 2016
... All of you calm down. The voice hasn't come yet. Then you may melt.
lazarustation lazarustation Nov 29, 2016
A boy stuck a bubble gum in my hair when i was in kindergarten
A_H_S_2781 A_H_S_2781 Nov 27, 2016
When I was in first grade I stapled my pinky finger to the bullitin board