My Bad Boy (EDITING)

My Bad Boy (EDITING)

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Sarah Hales. Sort of a good girl. You know, good grades but still lazy. Highly intelligent but still a rebel. Nah, just kidding. But even then, good girls still have their past. And when their past comes back, it's hard to know what's next.

Aaron Mills. The schools bad boy. Extremely hot. Okay grades and a total rebel. Does this guy have a bad past? No. But when he stumbles across Sarah for a project, he can't help but be curious.

Read, as their two worlds collide, stringing along love, laughter, pain, and the unspeakable past of a potential good girl. Now, it's up to Aaron. Will he help her or just toss her aside like every other girl? 

Read to find out.

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Its weird how everyone in these books know where ur peers in highschool live like if u show up at my doorstep I'm calling the po po
HorrorMuse HorrorMuse 6 days ago
Dude, when I get partner up I don't know anyones name I just remember them by hairstyle or clothes or face, heck I could only recall o e chic I was partnered with cause of her bag, then one day she changed her bag and I'm like where did she go
That cliche moment when u know what's gonna happen but u r single and reading books like these make u have the feels and give you hope that u won't be a single potato all your life 😂😭
Dude same when the teachers says that you can go into groups or work alone 
                              I'm like "nobody talk to me"
Whenever I read the part in a book where the nerd says that they don't like school I am never surprised
                              I mean seriously, maybe that's because when my mom asks if I had a good day at school the only thing that I have to say is "mom, it's school" and then leave
The thought of a fake tan terrifies me
                              But then again
                              That's probably because I am so pale that my friends would lose me in the freaking snow