Dark lover ( Darkiplier x reader ) #wattys2015

Dark lover ( Darkiplier x reader ) #wattys2015

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SANS TRASH By meow-mew Completed

A Darkiplier x reader fanfic

(Y/N) is your name

(H/C) Hair color

(E/C) Eye color

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Damn Dark, at least take me on a date first before taking me to the computer bed. Ya bitch
Septic15 Septic15 Sep 16
HIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE is what I'm imagining the face would be like...lol
Everyone wwants to know where Jack.is any I'm.like 
                              WAT DAT MOUTH DO THO
                              I'm a box now 
                              My cats named Tim tho 
                              I am tiny ill give you that
idk why I'm reading this, I mentally puked halfway through XD no offense, i'm just not a fangirl lol
whatever these people leave in the comment sis me and boi...i am a savage