Dark lover ( Darkiplier x reader ) #wattys2015

Dark lover ( Darkiplier x reader ) #wattys2015

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SANS TRASH By meow-mew Completed

A Darkiplier x reader fanfic

(Y/N) is your name

(H/C) Hair color

(E/C) Eye color

Damn Dark, at least take me on a date first before taking me to the computer bed. Ya bitch
Everyone wwants to know where Jack.is any I'm.like 
                              WAT DAT MOUTH DO THO
                              I'm a box now 
                              My cats named Tim tho 
                              I am tiny ill give you that
whatever these people leave in the comment sis me and boi...i am a savage
Ooooooh as much as dark is BAE.... That's just wrong.... RAPIST INCOMING OH NO
Where's jack in all this I feel like if you watch markiplier your going to end up watching jackseptickeye